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Join me on my travels across the world where I meet some great people, experience different countries and cultures and share with you my knowledge that I have gained about self-improvement and how to better your life, attitude and thoughts.


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If you are serious about starting your modeling career, then get my eBook which explains all the pro's and con's of the entertainment industry, an in-depth discussion about different jobs, personal advice and loads more!


I will guide you through the process of becoming and working as an international model.

Some of the topics I explain in my book:



1) Overview of the course

2) The basics : what you need to know 1st
3) How to get a model agency
4) How to get a model portfolio/ book
5) Posing
6) Castings
7) Modeling jobs
8) Mother agencies and  Scouts
9) How to work with international model agencies
10) Making money
11) Travel

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